Favorite Recipes and More

  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

    This is my favorite sharpener! It is easy to use, comes with multiple types of sharpening bands, and is flexible to the size of knives you are trying to sharpen. You can adjust angles and more! Great option if you are looking for a sharpener for your knives!

    Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition Knife Sharpener 
  • Aenllosi Hard Carrying Case for Work Sharp Sharpener

    This case is very handy to hold your work sharp knife and tool sharpener! It has plenty of room for extra bands and is a hard case for extra sturdyness!

    Work Sharp Sharpener - Hard Carrying Case 
  • Messermeister Pro Series 10” Kullenschliff Scimitar Knife

    This is a 15 degree knife right out of the box! This is the angle that I like to trim or slice from. I like the ergonomic style of the handle, the scimitar style has a nice curve to it which makes it easier to get down into the slice and it has serrations on each side of the knife to help keep the food from sticking to the knife.

    Messermeister Pro 10" Scimiatr Knife 
  • Victorinox Fibrox Pro 10-Inch Butcher Knife with Granton Edge

    This knife comes with a great handle. I have never had an issue with it slipping and my hand fits nicely for a good grip! It has ridges on both sides to help things not stick to the blades. Swiss made blades, a really hard steel, will last several years without having to sharpen it!

    Victorinox Fibrox Pro 10-Inch Butcher Knife. 
  • Dalstrong Shogun Series Meat Clever

    This is a beautiful knife! Extemely balanced and sharp. I use this on a regular basis and have only had to sharpen it about three times in the last three years!

    Dalstrong 7 Inch Shogun Series meat Cleaver 
  • Dalstrong Serrated Bread Knife

    Another knife that I love to use! Although this does make a delightful bread knife it is my go-to knife for slicing any meat that I smoke! I am going on three years of using this knife and it has held it sharp serrated edges very well! It looks beautiful and is an eye catcher when you are slicing meat in front of your customers!

    Dalstrong Serrated Bread Knife 
  • Member's Mark Stainless Steel Work Table

    This stainless steel work table is great for your kitchen, catering event, or food establishment! It is easy to breakdown and put together making it super convenient for me to use wherever I need to use it! It is heavy duty enough to be a good strong table, but not so heavy that we can't move it and lift it with one person!

    Stainless Steel Member's Mark Work Table 
  • Stainless Steel Digital Food/Kitchen Scale

    This scale has been just perfect for us! We are able to weigh any item that we make for customers! Not only can we use it in our kitchen to weigh out catering orders or orders by the lb...we can have it with us a pop-up events and give the opportunity for customers to see what we see when we weigh, so they know they are getting what they pay for!

    Stainless Steel Digital Food/Kitchen Scale 
  • Dexter 6 inch Boning Knife

    This is my go-to knife for trimming briskets! This is an entry knife getting into trimming or deboning! It is extremely versatile. The curve allows the knife to flex with you as you use it! The handle is big and has ridges, so it doesn't slip around and gives me a better grip!

    Dexter 6" Boning Knife 
  • Square Register

    We already use square on our phones, so transitioning to this was super simple! Having this set up makes the checkout process go much smoother! The payment part for the customer comes apart so you can have that closer to the edge of the counter! Tap to pay and more is available! You can do everything on this square register like add items, create invoices, etc.

    Square Register 
  • T-shirt/Grocery Bag Holder

    This comes in handy when bagging up our custmers products! They hold regular size t-shirt bags and truly make my life easier when bagging items!

    T-Shirt/Grocery Bag Holder 
  • Hessaire Evaporative Cooler

    This evaporative cooler is a must for us! We have two different sizes, this is our smaller one that we keep on our back porch. It will drop the temperature around you around 10-15 degrees. It drops much cooler when you add ice with your water! It has wheels and the inside blades will swing back and forth to help cool a larger area.

    Hessaire Evaporative Cooler 
  • HeatMax Catering & Events Food Warmer

    This is a great affordable start food warmer. It has 4 removable shelves, a temperature gauge and adjustable temperature options. This is light weight and easy to take places with you but also great for keeping backyard bbq warm!

    HeatMax Food Warmer